Inventory of the Eugene C. Hunt Papers, 1834 - 1994

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Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Eugene C. Hunt graduated from the Avery Normal School and went on to Talladega College, where he received a Degree in English in 1940. He earned a Master's Degree in Theater from Northwestern University in 1954 and continued with postgraduate study in Speech and Education. Mr. Hunt taught English and Speech at Burke High School in Charleston from 1941 to 1972. In 1972, he became an Assistant Professor of English and Speech at the College of Charleston, moving up to Associate Professor in 1985. He taught at the College until his retirement in 1992.
Contains numerous, diverse materials that follow Mr. Hunt's interests and activities, especially education and African- American activism. Includes correspondence, articles, books, magazines, and papers from his own collection as well as additional materials donated to him because of his involvement as president of Avery Institute for Afro-American History and Culture.
Title: Eugene C. Hunt Papers,
Call Number: AMN 1047
Repository: Avery Research Center
Dates: 1834 - 1994
Bulk: 1973-1994
creator: Hunt, Eugene C. , 1916 - 1994
Language of Material: Material is in English
Extent: 6.5 Linear feet
(11 Archival Boxes)

Biographical Note

Eugene Clayton Hunt was born in Charleston April 9, 1916, the son of Albert W. and Irene Murray Hunt. After graduating from Avery Institute in 1935, he attended Talladega College, receiving his B.A. in 1940. He then enrolled at the University of Chicago, transferring to Northwestern University where he eventually received his MA in Theatre in 1954 before pursuing post graduate study in Speech Education. He taught English at Burke Industrial (later High) School from 1941-1972; there he was also was involved in student theatrical, music and debating productions. Hunt began as a visiting lecturer in Public Speaking at the College of Charleston in 1972, became the tenured African American professor in 1979, retired in 1989, and was awarded an Honorary Degree of Doctor of Humane Letters in 1993. He often performed as a vocalist and participated in various musical productions including the city’s 1970 and 1990 productions of the opera Porgy and Bess; he led the Martin Luther King Interdenominational Choir, was considered an expert on local African American History, and was instrumental in founding the Avery Institute of Afro­American History and Culture and the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture. A member of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, Hunt never married and died in Charleston February 13, I994.

Collection Overview

The Hunt papers contain materials that document his life and research materials he collected for Avery Institute of Afro-American History and Culture and the Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture, but which were not turned over in his lifetime and whose provenance is uncertain.

Biographical materials include vitae, photographs, tributes, data on his education at Talladega and elsewhere, a natal horoscope (1972), correspondence regarding his musical engagements (1940s-19505), Charleston social life (1950s - 1990s), exchanges with prisoners (1980s - 1990s, no date), papers regarding real estate, estates of deceased family members, etc. Burke High School materials include copies of the school paper, “The Parvenu”, historical materials (1937 - 19505), printed teaching matter, some data regarding students, student programs, exhibits, etc. College of Charleston papers include materials documenting Hunt’s teaching career, with data on Black Student Unions, a 1985 College desegregation report, a College Affirmative Action Plan, copies of the “The Sour Grapevine,” an “underground” College newspapers, data regarding the College’s attempt to administer the Old Slave Mart Museum, and carbon of a letter from Merton Simpson.

Avery Institute of Afro American History and Culture and Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture materials include Some founding documents, minutes of meetings, correspondence, donor forms, printed matter, brochures, photographs, content data from some historical programs given at Avery, including significant photocopied material regarding African American education in the area.

Research materials found in his papers, and whose provenance is unknown, include the following: a ribbon of the Young Cherubim Society; photos of tombstones in the Brotherly Association, Friendly Union, Humane and Friendly, and Unity and Friendship cemeteries, Charleston; paper fan, Mickey Funeral Home, with image of “Dr. W.E.B. DuBois & Sight Seeing Party, Charleston, SC, March 1917.” Photo of Edwin A. Harleston, and post card of Edwin G. Harleston & Son Funeral Home; Francis Cardozo materials; photocopied materials regarding Rev. John Dart, and Alonzo J. Ransier; Thomas E. Miller funeral program; data regarding Brown Fellowship Society, Aurorian Coterie, and Leslie Uggams. Materials documenting Nell Houston Chisolm include data on Nell, Houston and Chisolm families, her husband Frank R. Chisolm, and reports regarding textiles she donated to Avery.

Avery Institute related materials include photos (1920s and undated) of students; photocopies of early publications with lists of students, 1939 Averite annual, scrapbook materials of Mildred Drayton (later Jefferson), Louise Mouzon materials, which also include data on the Mouzon family, early twentieth century programs regarding Social and musical events at Centenary Church and Remley’s Point; and Julia Wilson Pope family materials.

YWCA materials include the script Hunt wrote for the organization’s anniversary, with some materials regarding its history, especially a legal case between integrated and segregated organizations vying for official “Y” affiliation in Charleston.

Materials on various organizations with which Hunt was affiliated include information on various local African American organizations and fraternities; the Martin Luther King, Jr. Interdenominational Choir, the Gaylords, a men’s club, theatrical and acting societies, production companies working on documentaries, on which Hunt advised, City of Charleston Black Portrait Study Committee, and information on the 1990 Charleston production of Porgy and Bess working with the musical group the Choraliers.

There is a series on cultural programs Hunt attended or participated in, and a series of scripts and essays by other writers.

The final series is a compilation of forms, inventories and lists of mostly research materials that once were part of the collection, many having been removed for separate cataloguing, or reunited with other collections from which they came.

Subject Headings

  • Avery Research Center, collector.
  • Avery Institute of Afro-American History and Culture -- History.
  • Avery Normal Institute -- Alumni and alumnae.
  • Burke High School (Charleston, S.C.).
  • College of Charleston.
  • College of Charleston. Governor's School.
  • Northwestern University (Evanston, Ill.)
  • Talladega College.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Biographical Materials, 1939 - 1991.

Box 1   Folder 1
Vitae, resumes, and brief biographies, undated
Box 1   Folder 2
Eugene Hunt Tribute Program Script, undated
With chapter on various eras of his life and professional affiliations
Box 1   Folder 3
Clippings and biographical articles, undated
Box 1   Folder 4
Certificates, awards and honors, undated
Box 1   Folder 5
Talladega College materials, 1939, and undated
Brochures, programs, etc. regarding Hunt's Alma Mater, Talladega College; with photocopy of 1939 article in Gullah by Hunt in Talladega Student paper
Box 1   Folder 6
Photos of Talladega Collegeundated
Box 1   Folder 7
Stage Lighting Course book, undated
Stage Lighting Course book, exam and other materials documenting Hunt's education at Northwestern University.
Box 1   Folder 8
Photographs of Eugene Hunt, undated
Box 1   Folder 9
Photographs of friends and family of Eugene Hunt, undated
Box 1   Folder 10
Horoscopes, circa 1972
Natal Horoscrope for Hunt (ca. 1972); Love and Money Hororspcope for Hunt and related matter.
Box 2   Folder 1
Correspondence, 1940 - 1959
Box 2   Folder 2
Correspondence, 1960 - 1979
Box 2   Folder 3
Correspondence, 1980 - 1990s
Correspondence (1980s- 1990s) regarding trying to get visas for Haitian students, letters from young men in jail, recommendations, social life, invitations to speak, etc. Also, includes copy of Mario Cuomo's Keynote address, Democratic National Convention, July 1984
Box 2   Folder 4
Correspondence, undated
Box 2   Folder 5
Ephemera, undated
Invitations to weddings and social events; with funeral pamphlets and related social correspondence.
Box 2   Folder 6
Real Estate, undated
Materials regarding real estate owned by Hunt in Florida, and 192 Dunneman Ave, Charleston, SC.
Box 2   Folder 7
Financial, undated
Tax forms, cancelled checks, retirement and other financial materials.
Box 2   Folder 8
Gourdine-Gaillard family reunion materials, 1987
Box 2   Folder 9
Estate papers of Odessa Murray, 1903 - 1974
Box 2   Folder 10
Estate papers of Archibald Gladstone Hunt, and Helen Louise Hunt, 1904 - 1977, undated
Box 2   Folder 11
Video tape of funeral service of Edith H. Holland, Morris St. Baptist Church, 1991
Box 2   Folder 12
General materials, 1975 - 1979
Misceallaneous materials include poems, newsletter (1979) of Garden and Gun social club/disco and nearly blank 1975 engagement calendar.

2. Burke High School, 1945 - 1988.

Box 3   Folder 1
Student attendance registers, 1945 - 1959, undated
Box 3   Folder 2
Study courses for Mathematic Courses, undated
Study courses for Mathematic Courses by J. Michael Graves and others; with some other English course related materials.
Box 3   Folder 3
Professional associations, 1955, and undated
Materials regarding Columbia Scholastic Press Adviser Association; SC Scholastic Broadcasters Association; constitution of the Palmetto Scholastic Press Associaton; and award plaque "Journal and Guide Award, 1955, Best News Story"
Box 3   Folder 4
Text book materials, undated
Lists, correspondence, receipt, etc. regarding school text books
Box 3   Folder 5
Drama activities, undated
Programs, announcement, memoes and mimeograph script regarding Burke Honor Speakers documenting drama at Burke
Box 3   Folder 6
Student papers, 1945, and undated
Two "This I Believe" student essays; student poetry scrapbook; 1945 commencement address and other student related papers
Box 3   Folder 7
Teaching materials, 1955, and undated
Memos, lists and correspondence regarding teaching, including 1955 mimeograph from Septima Clark regarding SC Congress of Colored Parents and Teachers
Box 3   Folder 8
Correspondence, 1959 - 1968, undated
Correspondence includes letters from parents regarding student absences, circa 1968 letter from a grateful student; and Hunt's 1959 letter protesting his dismissal
Box 3   Folder 9
Printed materials, 1937 - 1959
Burke printed matter regarding graduations, programs, etc.
Box 3   Folder 10
Printed materials, 190 - 1989
Burke printed matter regarding graduations, programs, reunions, etc.
Box 3   Folder 11
Posters, undated
Class room posters regarding the Amistad; English and American literature and writers
Box 3   Folder 12
Colored and Industrial School, undated
Photocopies regarding Colored and Industrial School, later Burke High School
Box 3   Folder 13
Burke High School Exhibit, 1988
Photocopies, programs, receitps, etc. regarding Burke High School Exhibit (1988) at Robert Scott Small Library, College of Charleston
Box 3   Folder 14
Newspapers, 1935 - 1949
Oversize issues of Burke's student newspapers, The Burke Spotlight (Dec. 17, 1935), and a broken run of The Parvenue from 1945 (only partial photocopy) to 1949
Box 3   Folder 15
Parvenue, 1950 - 1953
Broken run of oversize issues of Burke student newspaper The Parvenue March 1950 - June 1953, nd
Box 3   Folder 16
Parvenue, 1953 - 1979

3. College of Charleston, 1974 - 1992.

Box 4   Folder 1
Public Speaking course, undated
Materials regarding Hunt's public speaking course consisting mostly of student evaluations
Box 4   Folder 2
Debating course, undated
Materials regarding Hunt's course on debating include clippings of articles, etc. on possible topics for debate and related materials regarding various debating competitions
Box 4   Folder 3
English Composition course, undated
Memos; handouts, etc. regarding Hunt's Teaching of English composition at the College
Box 4   Folder 4
African American Literature course, undated
Notes, lists, handouts, etc. regarding Hunt's teaching of African American literature and his public lectures on related writers and topics
Box 4   Folder 5
Evaluations, undated
Various evaluations of Eugene Hunt as a professor
Box 4   Folder 6
English Department Meeting Minutes, 1974
Minutes (1974) of English Department meetings and presentation pages from Department to Hunt upon retiring
Box 4   Folder 7
Correspondence, 1971 - 1989
Letters, memos, and notes to and from Hunt, the College of Charleston, and others regarding various aspects of his career there, 1970s- 1980s. Includes letters of recommendations for students
Box 4   Folder 8
Governor's School, 1986
Letter and student evaluations regarding Hunt teaching at Governor's School and his field trip to African American cemeteries
Box 4   Folder 9
Distinguished Service Award and Doctor of Humane Letters, 1985 - 1992
Materials regarding nominating Euguene Hunt for Distinguished Service Award and Doctor of Humane Letters
Box 4   Folder 10
Minority Recruitment, 1970 - 1989
Materials regarding minority recruitment at the college (1970s-80s) with related materials of Black Student Unions, SC Black Student Association, etc.
Box 4   Folder 11
Black Experience at College of Charleston, undated
Materials regarding black experience at College of Charleston, African American courses, African Americans in Higher Education, black studies, etc.
Box 4   Folder 12
Cross-Cultural Learning Center, 1981
Materials regarding attempt to create a cross-cultural learning center at College, circa 1981
Box 4   Folder 13
Desegregation Report, 1985
Report on desegregation at the College of Charleston
Box 5   Folder 1
Race relation on campus, undated
Clippings, photocopies, brochures regarding black studies programs, racism on campus, minority sensitivity, etc.
Box 5   Folder 2
Affirmative Action Plan of College, 1980
Affirmative Action Plan of College with some job postings
Box 5   Folder 3
Low Country Studies program, undated
Memoes, etc. regarding College's plan for low country studies program
Box 5   Folder 4
Correspondence, 1978, and undated
Correspondence, including carbon of letter from Merton Simpson (1978), memos, photocopies, etc. regarding College's attempt to administer the Old Slave Mart Museum, as part of its Low Country Studies program
Box 5   Folder 5
Survey on, "Gay Persons as viewed by Chairpersons in English", undated
Box 5   Folder 6
The Sour Grapevine, 1988 - 1989
Three issues (1988-89) of the College of Charleston underground newsletter "The Sour Grapevine" regarding issues at the College

4. Avery Institute of Afro American History and Culture / Avery Research Center, Bulk, 1981-19891834 - 1989.

Box 6   Folder 1
Founding documents, undated
Statements of need and purpose, constitution and memorandum of agreement regarding the founding of Avery Institute of Afro American History and Culture
Box 6   Folder 2
Goals, Objectives, and Plans, 1985 - 1992
Goals objectives and plans for Avery Institute; with some budgets and financial materials
Box 6   Folder 3
Policy materials, undated
Policies, procedures, forms for the Institute and loan forms of items lent from Avery
Box 6   Folder 4
Charleston History Report, undated
Report prepared for Mr. Alison-Knoteh, of Sierra Leone, with overview of history of Charleston, Avery, and clippings regarding African American culture in area
Box 6   Folder 5
Palmer College buildings, undated
Photocopies documenting 4 Palmer College buildings, including Avery Building, 125 Bull St., Charleston, with standards and controls, lease information, etc.
Box 6   Folder 6
Meeting minutes, 1981 - 1989
Minutes of early meetings (1981, 1987-89) regarding development, advising, opening and operating Avery Research Center
Box 6   Folder 7
Correspondence, 1978 - 1988
Correspondence, notes, memos, etc. (1978 - 1988) regarding mostly mundane matters regarding administering Avery Research Center; with many queries regarding sponsoring publications; programs, etc.
Box 6   Folder 8
Donor materials, 1983 - 1988
Donor forms and correspondence with donors of materials
Box 6   Folder 9
General notes, undated
Miscellaneous notes regarding Avery by Eugene Hunt
Box 6   Folder 10
Avery staffing, 1980 - 1989
Avery employment materials include resumes, memos & correspondence from Hunt regarding staff problems
Box 6   Folder 11
Avery Bulletins, 1981 - 1989
Incomplete run of Avery Bulletins
Box 6   Folder 12
Clippings, 1981, 1989, undated
Printed materials regarding Avery in non-Avery publications
Box 6   Folder 13
Printed materials, undated
Printed programs, notices, brochures, etc. regarding Avery
Box 6   Folder 14
Collections, 1980 - 1989
Various lists of collections at Avery, including oral histories
Box 6   Folder 15
Black Charleston in Slavery and Freedom exhibit, 1981
Material regarding Avery's 1981 exhibit, Black Charleston in Slavery and Freedom
Box 6   Folder 16
Annette Spann Reffell program, 1985
Materials regarding Avery's program for mezzo soprano Annette Spann Reffell
Box 7   Folder 1
Avery: The Spirit that Would Not Die, exhibit, 1981
Box 7   Folder 2
Avery programs promotional materials, undated
Programs, slides, brochures, handbills, correspondence, etc. regarding programs sponsored by and proposed to Avery
Box 7   Folder 3
Photographs of Eugene Hunt honor program, undated
Photographs of Avery program honoring Eugene Hunt; with an identifying list
Box 7   Folder 4
African American Funeral Customs program, 1988
Clipping, talk by Herbert Fielding and list of burial grounds relating to Avery program on lowcounty African American funeral customs
Box 7   Folder 5
History of African American Education in Charleston County program, 1989
Notes, lists, correspondence and photocopies regarding Avery's 1989 program on history of African American education in Charleston County
Box 7   Folder 6
Notes on schools for program, 1989
Notes of histories of schools for Avery Program on education; schools include Church Hill, Oakville, Miss Daniels', and Rhett Elementary Schools, and James Island schools with data on Buist, Tobin-Boyd, Baxter-Patrick, Henry P. Archer, Shaw, and other shools
Box 7   Folder 7
Catholic schools, 1989
Photocopies and original materials for Avery program on education, with data on Immaculate Conception and other Catholic schools, Four Mile, Wallingford and Simonton Schools
Box 7   Folder 8
General notes on education program, 1989
Miscellaneous materials regarding Avery program on eduation include photocopies of lists of "Colored" teachers, Charleston Co. (1901, 1939-40, 1940-41); photocopies of 1919 correspondence of Butler W. Nance, President Columbia SC NAACP regarding winning right to have Negro teachers teach Negro students in Charleston Co; photocopy of 1921 petition from parents Ladson Colored School regarding wanting J.C. Edwards as a teacher; photocopy 1934 letter Palmetto State Teachers's Assoc; photocopies 1941 and 1952 requests for better facilities for Negro schools in Charleston; and photocopy of ca. 1965 statement of College of Charleston President George D. Grice to board upholding segregation at the College; with other materials such as 1953 clipping regarding improved Negro school facilities
Box 7   Folder 9
Collections materials, undated
Avery collections materials. Ribbon of Young Cherubim Society. Organized Nov. 8, 1886, James Island, SC
Box 7   Folder 10
General materials on Charleston African American institutions, undated
Miscellaneous photocopies regarding Charleston African American institutions and history
Box 7   Folder 11
Photographs of Benevolent Societies, undated
8 x 10 black and white photographs of tombstones from Brotherly Association, Friendly Union, Humane and Friendly and Unity and Friendship cemeteries
Box 7   Folder 12
Dr. W. E. B. DuBois paper fan, 1917
Damaged paper fan from Mickey Funeral Home with image of "Dr. W. E. B. DuBois and Sight Seeing Party, Charleston, SC, March 1917.
Box 7   Folder 13
Harleston Family materials, undated
Photograph of Edwin A. Harleston, copy of photo, postcard from Edwin G. Harleston and Son Funeral Home; with materials regarding Sylia Harleston Memorial Award for Excellence in Geometery
Box 8   Folder 1
Cardozo Family materials, undated
Photocopies, correspondence, and other date regarding Francis Cardozo and descendants
Box 8   Folder 2
Dart Family materials, 1900 - 1913, undated
Photocopies, many partial, of correspondence (circa 1900- circa 1913) of Rev. John Dart, regarding family matters, business dealings, purchase of property, religious and church matters the Colored Industrial School and Dart's paper, The Southern Reporter; with one letter (1912) from his daughter Susan.
Box 8   Folder 3
Alonzo J. Ransier materials, 1834 - 1882
Photocopied materials regarding Alonzo J. Ransier
Box 8   Folder 4
Reid Family materials, 1930, and undated
Miscallenous materials: Reid family; Live Oak Mutal Association member certificate of J.G. Bambfield; and funeral program (1930) of Thomas E. Miller
Box 8   Folder 5
Brown Fellowship Society 200th Anniversary booklet, undated
Booklet on 200th anniversary Brown Fellowship Society, with photocopies, agenda, and notes for an address by Eugene Hunt
Box 8   Folder 6
Aurorian Coterie materials, 1983, and undated
Mostly photocopied material regarding Aurorian Coterie musical group of Charleston; with photocopy news article regarding color prejudice in Charleston's African American community and letter (1983) from Leslie Uggams, regarding not knowing if she is related to earlier singer Miss Uggams of Charleston
Box 8   Folder 7
Black Intellectual Life in Antebellum Charleston, 1984
Photocopy of typescript, Black Intellectual Life in AnteBellum Charleston, by Susan M. Bowler and Edmund Drago, presented 1984
Box 8   Folder 8
Nell Houston Chisolm materials, undated
Color photographs, negatives, conservation report, and other materials regarding quilt and baptismal dress given to Avery by Nell Houston Chisolm
Box 8   Folder 9
Corrinne Nell Houston materials, 1873 - 1940, and undated
Materials regarding Corrinne Nell Houston include a St. Marks Wedding Invitation (1895); Charleston Dramatic Club Program (1884); Avery Institute Graduation Invitation (1913); Avery Graduation Program (1873); and materials regarding her husband Frank R. Chisolm, whom she married in 1940
Box 8   Folder 10
Nell, Houston, and Chisolm Family materials, 1880 - 1989
Photographs (1880s-1980s) of Nell, Houston, and Chisolm family members, including Frank Chisolm in military uniform
Box 8   Folder 11
Frank R. Chisolm Service records, undated
Photocopies of service records of Frank R. Chisolm in Spanish American War and Philippines Insurrection
Box 8   Folder 12
Nell Houston Chisolm materials, undated
Printed materials relating mostly to Nell Houston Chisolm
Box 9   Folder 1
Photographs of Avery Normal School, 1890 - 1939, and undated
Photographs (ca. 1890s?, 1917-1930s) of Avery staff and students, including images donated by Charlotte deBerry Tracy
Box 9   Folder 2
Avery Normal School and High School materials, 1885 - 1959
Mostly photocopies of materials (1885- 1950s) documenting history of Avery Normal School and High School; includiing a copy of a letter (1944) written by Avery graduate Hortense Scipio seeking admission to the College of Charleston; with notes by Eugene Hunt on Avery's history
Box 9   Folder 3
Avery Normal Institute catalogues, 1899, 1906
Composition book pasted over with photocopies of early catalogues of Avery Normal Institute, listing students, teachers, graduates, courses of study, etc.
Box 9   Folder 4
Printed Materials, 1939 - 1988
Includes The Averyite, 1939, the only yearbook, and other programs
Box 9   Folder 5
Louise Drayton Jefferson scrapbook, 1945
Box 9   Folder 6
Hattie Mouzon materials, 1918 - 1979
Box 9   Folder 7
Materials from Julia Wilson Pope, 1951

5. YWCA, 1967 - 1984.

Box 9   Folder 8
A Journey in Faith and Courage program1977
A play written and directed by Eugene Hunt
Box 9   Folder 9
"A Journey..." Director's notes and scripts, 1977
Box 9   Folder 10
"A Journey..." Scene I1977
Box 9   Folder 11
"A Journey..." Scene II1977
Box 9   Folder 12
"A Journey..." Scene III1977
Box 9   Folder 13
"A Journey..." Scene IV1977
Box 9   Folder 14
"A Journey..." Epilogue1977
Box 9   Folder 15
Historical materials, 1967 - 1984
Box 9   Folder 16
Clippings, 1970 - 1971

6. Various Organizations, 1958 - 1991.

Box 10   Folder 1
African American Societies, 1958, and undated
Box 10   Folder 2
Omega Psi Phi, 1958 - 1991
Box 10   Folder 3
Martin Luther King, Jr. Interdenominational Choir programs, 1968 - 1990
Box 10   Folder 4
Martin Luther King, Jr. Interdenominational Choir general materials, 1985 - 1988
Box 10   Folder 5
The Gaylords, 1958
Program for musical group directed by Hunt
Box 10   Folder 6
NAACP, 1987
Box 10   Folder 7
Black Leadership Committee, undated
Box 10   Folder 8
St. Mark's Church, 1977 - 1989
Box 10   Folder 9
Denmark Vesey documentary, 1982
Box 10   Folder 10
Black Portrait Committee, 1983 - 1985
Box 10   Folder 11
Arts Organizations, 1982 - 1991
Box 10   Folder 12
Porgy and Bess: Correpondence and Clippings, 1970 - 1990
Box 10   Folder 13
Porgy and Bess: Chorus Contract Letters, 1989 - 1990
Box 10   Folder 14
Porgy and Bess: Chorus Sign-ups and Applications, 1989 - 1990

7: General Materials, 1940 - 1999.

Box 11   Folder 1
Various Programs, 1940s
Box 11   Folder 2
Various Programs, 1950s - 1960s
Box 11   Folder 3
Various Programs, 1970s
Box 11   Folder 4
Various Programs, 1980s - 1990s
Box 11   Folder 5
Various Programs, undated
Box 11   Folder 6
Essays of Lt. Colonel Sidney Walls, undated
Box 11   Folder 7
Amistad, script by Richard Bruner, 1976
Box 11   Folder 8
Tiger Tiger Burning Bright, script by Peter S. Feibleman, undated

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