Inventory of the Reverend Stephen Bradford Mackey Papers, 1900 - 1993

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Abstract: Reverend Stephen Bradford McIver Mackey (1901-1984), an African American Episcopal minister, served the congregation at Calvary Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina as Priest in 1935 and Rector from 1940-1972. He also held the position of priest-in-charge of Epiphany Church, Summerville, SC from 1934-1940 and St. Andrew's Church, Charleston County from 1940-1972. His wife, Naomi Mackey was the Diocesan President of the Negro Branch of Woman's Auxiliary and organized the church's Woman's Auxiliary, the Christian Education and Spiritual Life Committees.
The collection contains materials related to Reverend Mackey's priesthood, including his course assignments and writings as a theological student at the Philadelphia Divinity School; drafts of sermons given at Calvary Episcopal Church in addition to the Church's administrative papers; constitution and by-laws; correspondence relating to the sale of the 71 Beaufain Street location, letters from paronishors; and handwritten notes by Mackey. A significant portion of the collection consists of photographs, many in scrapbooks that trace Mackey's involvement with Calvary Episcopal Church, Camp Baskervill and the St. Augustine Conference for Church Workers. The collection also includes items collected by Naomi Mackey; personal and professional scrapbooks, journal datebooks, and photographs of her involvement with Calvary committees, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the Phillis Wheatley Literary and Social Club.
Title: Reverend Stephen Bradford Mackey Papers, 1900-1993
Call Number: AMN 1116
Repository: Avery Research Center
Bulk Dates: 1925-1980
Creator: Mackey, Stephen Bradford McIver (1901-1984) and Mackey, Naomi Richardson (1909-1996).
Language of Material: Material in English
Extent: 2.25 Linear feet
(5 archival boxes)

Biographical Note

Reverend Stephen Bradford Mackey

Stephen Bradford McIver Mackey was born August 1, 1901 in Summerville, South Carolina to Samuel Benjamin and Emma Nelson Mackey. He received his early training in the Alston Elementary School in Summerville, completing high school and junior college at St. Augustine's Junior College, Raleigh, North Carolina. Mackey obtained his Bachelor of Arts degree from Lincoln University, Pennsylvania in 1929 and a Bachelor of Theology degree from the Philadelphia Divinity School of the Episcopal Church in 1933. He was awarded the Master of Divinity degree in 1971.

Upon his return to South Carolina, Mackey was ordained deacon in the Episcopal Church in 1934 and priest in June 1935. He served the Diocese throughout his ministry as priest-in-charge of Epiphany Church in Summerville (1934-1940), as rector of Calvary Episcopal Church, Charleston (1940-1972), and priest-in-charge of St. Andrew's Church, Charleston (1940-1972). Mackey was made the rector emeritus of Calvary Episcopal Church upon his retirement in 1972.

Reverend Mackey was the Executive Secretary for Negro Work of the Diocese (1940-1944) and Archdeacon for Negro Work (1944-1988). He was appointed an honorary Archdeacon of the Diocese in 1972.

In 1940, Reverend Mackey was appointed Executive Secretary of Camp Baskerville part of Holy-Cross-Faith Memorial Episcopal Church in Pawleys Island. He eventually became a director and member of the Board of Managers. Under his leadership the bunk and staff houses, pool facilities, recreation center and the dining hall buildings were built. In 1976, Bunk House Number Two was dedicated in Reverend Mackey's honor.

Mackey served on the board of directors of the Mayor's Committee on Juvenile Delinquency, the Family Service of Charleston, Voorhees College, McClennan-Banks Memorial Hospital and the Commission on Mutual Responsibility and Interdependency in the Body of Christ.

Mackey married the former Naomi Elrita Richardson (1909-1996) of Sumter in 1934. Naomi Mackey taught at the Calvary Day School prior to her tenure at Rhett Elementary School. She served as Calvary's President of the Woman's Auxiliary, and President of the Negro Branch of the Woman's Auxiliary of the Diocese of South Carolina. Mrs. Mackey was also a member and former President of the Gamma Xi Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and a Golden Life member of the Phillis Wheatley Literary and Social Club.

Calvary Episcopal Church

Calvary Church was founded in 1847 as a church for the enslaved in the Charleston community. This idea paralleled the thoughts of many people that there was a need to evangelize the slaves in the decades after 1820. At the 58th Annual Convention of the Diocese of the Vestry of St. Phillip's Church introduced resolutions pointing to the religious instruction of Charleston's slave population. A committee was established to purchase a lot at the corner of Beaufain and Wilson Streets for $1,200.

In the 1930s, a New Deal housing development program through the Charleston Housing Authority sought to acquire the land for the expansion of the Robert Mills Manor housing project. The housing development had practically surrounded Calvary Church and "preempted that section" of Charleston from the constituency of the Church. The property was sold to the Housing Authority with the proceeds used to build the present church at Line and Percy Streets. Services ended at the old building on November 1940 and the church was eventually demolished.

In 1940, the Reverend Stephen Mackey was elected Rector of Calvary and appointed Archdeacon for the black ministries of the Diocese in 1944. The new church was built on 106 Line Street where Calvary already owned a lot with a graveyard and was able to secure a deed on an adjoining lot. Calvary Church functioned as a parish under incorporation laws of the State of South Carolina and was admitted into the Convention of the Diocese of South Carolina on May 5, 1965.

The church maintains the Calvary Church Kindergarten Group, which was previously the only pre-school and kindergarten for African American children in Charleston.

Collection Overview

The collection contains materials gathered and produced by the Reverend Mackey and his wife Naomi over the course of their lifetime. Included are materials of the Mackey's that are both professional and personal in nature. The bulk of professional information consists of materials such as photographs and scrapbooks. Naomi Mackey's personal materials contain letters from the Calvary congregations, sorors and club members.

The collection is divided into six series:

1. Education holds Mackey's research papers, notes taken during classes and a yearbook relating academic tenure at the Philadelphia Divinity School and St. Augustine's College.

2. Ministerial Work includes drafts of sermons and speeches, correspondence, notes taken by Mackey and administrative papers created during Mackey's position as a rector at Calvary Episcopal Church. Holds correspondence relating to the sale of former church on 71 Beaufain Street, renovations to Line Street location. Also includes two newspaper clippings regarding "The Challenge of Reconciliation" (c.1969), a statement on race relations in Charleston signed by Rev. Mackey and 58 clergymen.

3. Photographs and Slides contain photographs from Reverend and Mrs. Mackey's professional, community actitives and family life. Includes Rev. Mackey's head shot photographs for publication, group photographs from Mackey's tenure at St. Augustine's College and Philadelphia Divinity School; congregation group photos from St. Thomas Episcopal Church (Philadelphia, P.A.), Camp Baskervill, Calvary Episcopal Church, and Calvary Church Kindergarten Group. Also contains numerous unidentified photographs and photo negatives, several in titled albums.

4. Personal, Naomi Mackey holds various personal scrapbooks including one with greeting cards received by relatives and friends, another entitled, "Cultural Resources of New York City." Series also includes appointment datebooks with random journal entries; letters received from friends and certificates noting her involvement with the local chapter of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and the Phillis Wheatley Literary and Social Club.

5. Artifacts contain awards given to Reverend and Mrs. Mackey for their pastoral work and community involvement.

6. Printed Materials include books owned by the Mackey's.

7. Oversize Materials includes diplomas and certificates issued to Reverend Mackey from St. Augustine's School and Lincoln University; photographs pertaining to "The Fourteen Colored Bishops- the Anglican Branch of the Catholic Church, representing the Church of England and the Episcopal Church" and "The Triennial Meeting of the Women of the Protestant Episcopal Church."

Collection Arrangement

1. Education, 1931-1935

2. Ministerial Work, 1940-1981

3. Photographs and Slides, 1900-1980s

4. Personal, Naomi Mackey, 1961-1992

5. Artifacts, 1972-1991 and undated

6. Printed Materials, 1929-1979

7. Oversize Materials, 1925-1961

Separated Material

Oversized Paper Folder: 1116-OPF/1

Subject Headings

  • African American Congregationalists--South Carolina--Charleston
  • African American religious leaders--South Carolina--Charleston
  • African American--South Carolina--Charleston--Religion
  • African American churches--South Carolina--Charleston
  • African American Episcopalians--South Carolina--Charleston.
  • Baskervill, Lewis Austin.
  • Lincoln University (Pennsylvania, P.A.).
  • Philadelphia Divinity School of the Episcopal Church (P.A.).
  • Phillis Wheatley Literary and Social Club (Charleston, S.C.)
  • St. Augustine's Junior College (Raleigh, North Carolina).
  • Religious leaders--South Carolina--Charleston--20th century.
  • Historic sites--South Carolina--Charleston.
  • Calvary Episcopal Church (Charleston, S.C.).
  • Camp Baskervill (Georgetown, S.C.)
  • Mackey, Reverend Stephen Bradford.
  • Mackey, Naomi Richardson.

1. Education, 1931-1935.

Box 1   Folder 1
Writings, 1931-1932
Includes research papers, drafts, written during Mackey's tenure at the Philadelphia Divinity School.
Box 1   Folder 3-4
Course Notes, undated
Written during Mackey's tenure at the Philadelphia Divinity School.
Box 1   Folder 5
St. Augustine's College yearbook, 1935
Signed by "E.L. Baskervill."

2. Ministerial Work, 1934-1981.

Box 1   Folder 6
Sermons and Speeches, undated
Includes manuscripts of personal writings and drafts of speeches prepared for religious services at Calvary Episcopal Church.
Box 1   Folder 7
Church Correspondence, 1934-1965
Included correspondence to and from Reverend Mackey re sale of church stuucture on Beaufain Street, renovations and memorandums to parishioners.
Box 1   Folder 8
Church notes, 1955-56
Box 1   Folder 9
Notes and Drafts of Sermons, 1953-1957, undated
Box 1   Folder 10
By-Laws, Articles of Association, Constitution, 1964-1981
Box 1   Folder 11
Printed Materials, 1955-1969, undated
Includes programs and booklets relating to Episcopal Church, in-state and national. Also includes newspaper clipping entitled, "The Challenge of Reconciliation" (c.1969), a statement pertaining to race relations in Charleston, S.C. endorsed by Reverend Mackey and 58 clergymen.

3. Photographs and Slides, 1900-1980s.

Box 1   Folder 12
Reverend Stephen Mackey, circa 1929-1983
Includes professional head shots of Reverend Stephen Mackey
Box 1   Folder 13
St. Augustine's Junior College and Philadelphia Divinity School, 1933-1937
Includes collegiate and graduation group portraits with Rev. Mackey.
Box 1   Folder 14
Congregation group portraits, circa 1944, undated
Includes St. Thomas Episcopal Church group portrait of priests (1944), and unidentified congregation group portraits, undated.
Box 1   Folder 15
St. Augustine's Conference for Church Workers, circa 1940-1950
Includes group portraits of unidentified congregation members.
Box 1   Folder 16
Camp Baskervill, circa 1940
Images of unidentified youth campers.
Box 1   Folder 17
Calvary Episcopal Church, circa 1940-1980
Includes images of Reverend and Mrs. Mackey with group portraits of congregation.
Box 1   Folder 18
Calvary Church Kindergarten Group, circa 1950-1960
Box 1   Folder 19
Unidentified Photographs, circa 1900-1940
Includes images of people visiting St. Augustine's College campus.
Box 1   Folder 20
Unidentified Photographs, circa 1950-1980
Includes undated group photo of Mackey with school group at Dart Hall Library; group picture taken in front of the Wilkinson Library, South Carolina State University.
Box 1   Folder 21
Unidentified Negatives, circa 1950-1960
Box 1   Folder 22
Photograph Album (disassembled), c.1954-1970
Titled: "Charming Photographs of Our Godchildren, Pupils, Relatives," and baby photo of John Wesley, Jr. 1954
Box 2   Folder 1
Photograph Album (disassembled), circa 1970-1980
Box 2   Folder 2
Photograph Album, 1974-1983
Titled: "Our Trip to Hawaii and San Francisco, California" and "December 1979 Tribute by parishioners and Friends of Calvary Episcopal Church honoring Father Mackey."

4. Personal, Naomi Mackey, 1961-1993.

Box 2   Folder 3
Scrapbook, 1977-1989
Box 2   Folder 4
Card Scrapbook, 1992
Includes birthday and Easter cards sent to Naomi Mackey
Box 3   Folder 1
Appointment Datebook, 1978
With scattered journal entries
Box 3   Folder 2
Appointment Datebook, 1980
Box 3   Folder 3
Appointment Datebook, 1982
Box 3   Folder 4
Appointment Datebook, 1983
Box 3   Folder 5
Scrapbook, 1961
Created by Mrs. Mackey entitled "Cultural Resources of New York City."
Box 4   Folder 1
Appointment Datebook, 1986
With scattered journal entries
Box 4   Folder 2
Appointment Datebook, 1988
Box 4   Folder 3
Appointment Datebook, 1992
Box 4   Folder 4
Clipping, undated
Booklets signed and given to Mrs. Mackey pertaining to Calvary Church committee work.
Box 4   Folder 5
Correspondence Received, 1991-1992
Includes personal cards and invitiations from friends
Box 4   Folder 6
Certifcates, 1969-1993
Includes certificates from Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority and Phillis Wheatley Literary and Social Club

5. Artifacts, 1972-1991.

Box 4   Folder 7
Award to Reverend Stephen Mackey, undated
Calvary P.E. Church recognition.
Box 5   Folder 1
Awards to Reverend Mackey, 1972-1976
Calvary School P.T.A., 1972; building dedication at Camp Baskervill, 1976.
Box 5   Folder 2
Awards to Naomi Mackey, 1981-1991
Phillis Wheatley Club, 1981, 1991; Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, 1981, 1984

6. Printed Materials, 1929-1984.

Box 2
A New Commentary on Holy Scripture : Including the Apocrypha, by Charles Gore (ed.), 1929
Inscribed to Rev. Mackey for his Ordination by "Na", March 22, 1934.
Box 2
Everyone a Minister : a Guide to Churchmanship : For Laity and Clergy, by Oscar E. Feucht, 1979
Signed by Naomi Mackey
Box 2
Chapters in Church History, by Powel Mills Dawley, Ph.D., 1950
Box 2
How to Be a Christian, by Werner Pfendsack, 1966
When You're Chariman..., by The Woman's Auxiliary to the National Council, undated
Goodly Heritage : a History of Episcopal Churchwomen in the Diocese of South Carolina, by Harriet Linen Goodbody, 1984
Inscribed to Naomi with note from Annabelle, dated September 1984.

7. Oversize Materials, 1919-1961.

   Folder OPF/1
Diplomas, 1919-1961
-St. Augustine's School to Stephen Mackey, 1925, 1927. -Lincoln University Bachelor of Liberalism degree (written in Latin), 1929. -Alston Graded School, Summerville, South Carolina, 1919 -Masters of Art from Columbia University to Naomi Richardson Mackey, 1961 -Divinity School of the Protestant Episcopal Church of Philadelphia to Rev. Mackey, 1933.
   Folder OPF/1
Certificates, 1929-1935
-Lincoln University Musical Club to Stephen Mackey, 1929. -The Diocese of South Carolina recognizing Mackey as Deacon, 1934, 1935.
   Folder OPF/1
Photographs, 1941-1961
-"The Fourteen Colored Bishops-Triumphant and Militant of the Anglican Branch of the Catholic Church, representing the Church of England and the Episcopal Church in the USA 1841-1941."
-"The Triennial Meeting of the Women of the Protestant Episcopal Church, 1961.

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