Inventory of the Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr. Papers, 1934 - 2003

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Descriptive Summary

Abstract: Cleveland Sellers, Jr. (born 1944), an African American from Denmark, South Carolina, was a participant and leader of a variety of student, civil rights, leftist, and Pan African movements in the 1960s and 1970s. Sellers alone was indicted and convicted for inciting a riot during the Orangeburg Massacre, in which three students of South Carolina State University died and many others were wounded; Sellers was later pardoned.
The majority of the collection details Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr.'s role in a variety of student, civil rights, leftist, and Pan African movements in the 1960s and 1970s; other materials documenting his personal, academic, and professional life. A small series of personal papers include childhood magazine covers, papers regarding his draft resistance case (1967-1971); an unsuccessful bid for city council; biographical clippings; a few scattered items from his mother Pauline Taggert Sellers' youth and early marriage, including Victory Mail (V Mail); data regarding other family members; information regarding churches and schools; with Seller's contracts for his book The River of No Return. Personal correspondence (1960s-1990s) include 1968 letters from jail, with some mentions of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and events, legal problems and pardon relating to the Orangeburg Massacre. Materials on the Orangeburg Massacre include photocopies of court papers, Sellers' appeal to the South Carolina Supreme Court (circa 1970), clippings and responses regarding the event; and a radio and a film script based on the event, with related materials. The Affiliation series include Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) papers (1960-1997, bulk 1960s); all African Revolutionary People's Party materials (1972- 1989, bulk 1970s); materials documenting various African countries and movements, organizations involved in Black Power and Pan Africa movements and Civil Rights. School-related organizations include the Student Organization for Black Unity (SOBU); various black student groups from a number of American colleges and universities, with significant data (1969-1971) regarding the founding, organization, and administration of Malcolm X Liberation University. North Carolina related materials include clippings regarding various commemorations of the student Woolworth's Sit-In at Greensboro, NC, (1960) and similar materials regarding the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party attack on the Communist Worker's Party in Greensboro in 1979. Also included are various drafts of Sellers' dissertation on the Civil Rights movement from 1954-1968. Printed materials include miscellaneous clippings from a variety of sources and newsletters from various organizations, as well as scattered publications. Photographs of Cleveland Sellers and others are also included.
Title: Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr. Papers, 1934 - 2003
Creator: Sellers, Cleveland, 1944-
Repository: Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston
Call Number: AMN 1017
Language of Material: Material in English
Extent: 9 linear feet
(17 archival boxes, 2 oversized boxes)

Biographical Note

The son of Cleveland and Pauline Taggart Sellers, Cleveland Sellers, Jr. was born in 1944 in Denmark, South Carolina, where his father was a businessman and his mother worked as a teacher at the South Carolina Area Trade School. Sellers attended local schools and started a student chapter of the National Association of the Advancement of Colored Peoople (NAACP). He attended Howard University and worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) in various civil rights causes around the south and was elected Program Secretary in 1965.

In 1968, while organizing students at South Carolina State University, Sellers was shot in a melee that later became known as the Orangeburg Massacre. Three students died, and many were wounded; Sellers alone was indicted and convicted for inciting a riot and served time in jail, as he had for resisting the draft, a case that was later dismissed. In 1969, Sellers taught a black ideology course at Cornell University; and later received a Masters Degree from Harvard University. Living in North Carolina, he worked for the city of Greensboro in the Human Resources Department and later as a Housing Administrator; he became involved in many North Carolina related Civil Rights and black consciousness projects, including Malcolm X. Liberation University. He worked in Jesse Jackson's 1984 and 1988 Presidential Campaigns and received his Ed. D. from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro in education administration in 1987. He was pardoned for his conviction in the Orangeburg Massacre in 1993, and went on to become Director of African American Studies at the University of South Carolina.

Collection Overview

The majority of the collection details Cleveland L. Sellers, Jr.'s role in a variety of student, civil rights, leftist, and Pan African movements in the 1960s and 1970s; other materials documenting his personal, academic, and professional life. Many of the materials are in photocopy form, the originals, severely water and mold damaged, having been removed.

A small series of personal papers include childhood magazine covers, papers regarding his draft resistance case (1967-1971); a 1983 unsuccessful bid for city council in Greensboro, North Carolina; biographical clippings; a few scattered items from his mother Pauline Taggert Sellers' youth and early marriage, including V Mail; data regarding other family members, and information regarding Denmark, and Bamberg County, South Carolina churches and schools, including Voorhees College and the Denmark Chapter of the South Carolina Area Trade Schools; with Seller's contracts for his book The River of No Return. Personal correspondence (1960s-1990s) regarding Sellers' political views and activities include letters (1968) from jail, with some mentions of Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture) and events, legal problems and pardon relating to the Orangeburg Massacre. Materials on the latter topic include photocopies of court papers, Sellers' appeal to the South Carolina Supreme Court (circa 1970), clippings and responses regarding the event; and a radio and a film script based on the event, with related materials. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) papers (1960-1997, bulk 1960s) include reports and memos regarding its history, structure, administration, projects, publications, and broadsides with references to Students for a Democratic Society, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown (Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin), Eldridge Cleaver and others; with photocopies of surveillance files on Sellers and the organization obtained from the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Mississippi State Sovereignty Committee. All African Revolutionary People's Party materials (1972-1989, bulk 1970s) detail its administration, membership levels, its ideology, influenced by the political thought of Kwame Nkrumah, and publications, including those from its program, African Liberation Day. Also in the collection are materials documenting various African countries and movements including copies of major documents of the Sixth Pan African Congress (1974), articles regarding the political philosophy of Ahmed Sekou Toure and a variety of materials from various domestic groups, committees, and organizations involved in Black Power and Pan Africa movements and Civil Rights, including the Black Panthers, Blacks United for Action (Columbia, South Carolina), Congress of African People, National Black United Front and others. School-related organizations include the Student Organization for Black Unity (SOBU), with reports, and memos(1960s-1970s) regarding its organization, goals and administration; various black student groups from a number of American colleges and universities, such as Cornell, Harvard and Duke, with a small amount of information regarding student unrest at Allen University (1967) and Voorhees College (1969), with more significant data (1969-1971) regarding the founding, organization, and administration of Malcolm X Liberation University, first located in Durham, North Carolina; and photocopies of the legal papers documenting Dr. Sonja Haynes Stone's anti-discrimination suit against Univeristy of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. North Carolina related materials include clippings regarding various commemorations of the student Woolworth's Sit-In at Greensboro, NC, (1960) and similar materials regarding the Ku Klux Klan and Nazi Party attack on the Communist Worker's Party in Greensboro in 1979.

Also included are various drafts of Sellers' dissertation on the Civil Rights movement from 1954-1968. Printed materials include miscellaneous clippings from a variety of sources and newsletters from various organizations, often radical and short-lived. Scattered publications include The Black Panther, The Student Voice, SNCC Newsletter, SOBU Newsletter, The African World, The African Warrior, Black-On (Columbia, South Carolina), The People's Crusader (Atlanta, Georgia), Pan African Roots, New African, and many others; with political broadsides. Photographs of Cleveland Sellers and others including Stokely Carmichael and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Collection Arrangement

1. Biographical Materials

2. Correspondence

3. Orangeburg Massacre Papers

4. Affiliations

5. General Information Files

6. Audio Visual Materials

7. Dissertation and Research Materials

8. Artifacts

9. Oversize Materials

Subject Headings

  • African Americans -- Civil rights -- History -- 20th century.
  • African American civil rights workers -- United States.
  • African American college students.
  • African American college teachers.
  • African Americans -- Education -- South Carolina.
  • African Americans -- Political activity.
  • African Americans -- Politics and government -- 20th century.
  • African Americans -- Race relations.
  • African American universities and colleges.
  • Africa -- Periodicals.
  • Al-Amin, Jamil, 1943-
  • All African Revolutionary Party.
  • Allen University -- History.
  • Allen University -- Students.
  • Bamberg County (S.C.) -- History.
  • Black nationalism.
  • Black Panther Party.
  • Black power -- United States.
  • Black race -- Congresses.
  • Blacks -- Congresses.
  • Blacks -- Periodicals.
  • Blacks United for Action.
  • Carmichael, Stokely.
  • Civil rights workers -- United States.
  • Cleaver, Eldridge, 1935-1998.
  • College students -- Political activity -- History -- 20th century.
  • Communist Workers Party (U.S.)
  • Congress of African Peoples.
  • Denmark (S.C.) -- History.
  • Harvard University -- Students.
  • Jackson, Jesse, 1941-
  • King, Martin Luther, Jr., 1929-1968.
  • Ku Klux Klan (1915- ) -- History -- 20th century.
  • Malcolm X Liberation University.
  • Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission.
  • National Black United Front.
  • Nkrumah, Kwame, 1909-1972.
  • Pan African Congress.
  • Radicalism -- United States.
  • Sellers, Cleveland, 1944-
  • Sellers, Pauline Taggart, 1903-1990.
  • Stone, Sonja Haynes, 1938-1991.
  • Student movements -- United States.
  • Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (U.S.)
  • Student Organization for Black Unity.
  • Students for a Democratic Society (U.S.)
  • Southern States -- Race relations.
  • South Carolina Area Trade School (Denmark, S.C.)
  • Touré, Ahmed Sékou, 1922-1984.
  • United States. Federal Bureau of Investigation.
  • United States -- Race relations.
  • United States -- Race relations -- Political aspects -- History -- 20th century.
  • Voorhees College -- History.
  • Voorhees College -- Students.
  • Vietnam War, 1961-1975 -- Draft resistors.

Detailed Description of the Collection

1. Biographical Materials, 1934-1990s.

Box 1   Folder 1
Color Covers of Boy's Magazines
Includes Roy Rogers, Tarzan, the Lone Ranger. With promotional photos of Roy Rogers and others; sports card and clipping; and photo copies of title pages of books and magazines removed from collection.
Box 1   Folder 2
Boyhood Papers, 1959-1961
Includes materials regarding Boy Scout Jamboree in New Mexico; and materials on teen activities.
Box 1   Folder 3
Civil Rights Materials, circa 1960s
Includes NAACP Youth Council forms, and photo-copy of Uncle Tom Protestors Organization Constitution at Voorhees School and Junior College.
Box 1   Folder 4
Draft Evasion Legal Case, 1967-1971
Includes clippings, photocopies and Jet Magazine.
Box 1   Folder 5
Anti-War, Draft Evasion and Conscientious Objector Material
Includes pamphlets, clippings and broadsides mostly on African Americans and the war in Viet Nam.
Box 1   Folder 6
Sellers Campaign Materials, 1983
Regarding Sellers' unsuccessful bid running for Greensboro, North Carolina City Council, District #1; with photocopies of newspaper coverage.
Box 1   Folder 7
Resume and Printed Materials
Regarding Sellers, including issue of New South Magazine, brochures and other publications, with a book review by Sellers. With miscellaneous membership cards and Harvard student identification.
Box 1   Folder 8
Cleveland Sellers News Stories Clippings, 1970s-1990s
Box 1   Folder 9
Programs and Related Matter, 1970s-1990s
Regarding talks and programs by Sellers; with certificates of appreciation.
Box 1   Folder 10
Pauline Taggart Sellers Papers and Correspondence, 1938-1986
Sellers' mother, World War II era maternity related materials as wife of Sergeant Cleveland Sellers, and a V Mail letter from him; letter to her from her son; correspondence regarding Sellers' legal cases from attorneys and others; and her letter regarding the history of Denmark. With a letter from her mother, and another from her granddaughter.
Box 1   Folder 11
Cleveland Sellers, Sr. and Pauline Taggart Sellers Programs, Clippings and Forms, 1934-1980s
Regarding Sellers' parents; with Denmark area trade school program signed by Benjamin Mays; and South Carolina Area Trade School, Denmark branch, directories; schedule of Sumter, South Carolina summer school teachers; Aiken Polo match card; Royal Blue Club Programs, Voorhees; and the White Rose Club program.
Box 1   Folder 12
Nosizwe Sellers and Cleveland L. Sellers, III.
Clippings, publications and miscellaneous material regarding Sellers' children.
Box 1   Folder 13
The River of No Return Correspondence and Contracts, 1969-1973
Box 1   Folder 14
Miscellaneous Financial Records, 1960s-1980s
Includes receipts, car purchases and rent.
Box 1   Folder 15
Denmark and Bamberg County Clippings, Programs, and Histories
Includes data on area churches and Denmark Technical College.

2. Correspondence, 1960-1990s.

Box 2   Folder 1
Personal Correspondence, 1960; 1964-1969
Includes Sellers and his mother regarding family and school matters; with later letters of Seller during his incarceration in jail for draft resistance, with thoughts on race relations in America; two letters from "Bro John" regarding racial politics in South Carolina, with discussion of United Citizen's Party, planned for South Carolina. With related broadside; and a mention of William Saunders.
Box 2   Folder 2
Personal Correspondence, 1970s
Letters from attorney Howard Moore mostly regarding Sellers' legal problems from Orangeburg Massacre. A few letters from Sellers regarding his personal life, and mentions of Stokely Carmichael. With letters from his mother, peers, friends and those actively involved in supporting him and his political causes.
Box 2   Folder 3
Personal Correspondence, 1980s-1990s
Includes letters from various supporters and those grateful to Sellers; with letters regarding the Orangeburg Massacre experience and his pardon. Letters from Julian Bond and writer Tom Dent; with materials regarding Sellers' Freedom of Information request to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) regarding its files on him.
Box 2   Folder 4
School and Professional Correspondence, 1962-1980 and undated
Regarding education, grades, degrees, and seeking employment. School materials from Voorhees High School, Howard University, Harvard University, Shaw University, the University of North Carolina at Greensboro, and others. With letters to Ivanhoe Donaldson regarding seeking position in in Washington, D.C. under Mayor Marion Berry.
Box 2   Folder 5
School and Professional Correspondence, 1981-1994 and undated
Regarding work in Greensboro, North Carolina housing authority, education at University of North Carolina at Greensboro, applications for employment at various colleges, letters of recommendation for and by Sellers; with mentions of other professional programs and topics.
Box 2   Folder 6
City of Greensboro and Greensboro's Citizens Association Memos and Minutes, 1981-1984
With other work related forms and publications.
Box 2   Folder 7
Black Educators Council for Human Services Programs, Newsletters and Correspondence, 1972-1974
Box 2   Folder 8
North Carolina Programs, Brochures, Handbills, Agendas and News Stories, 1970s-1990s
Regarding various activities in Greensboro and in NC.
Box 2   Folder 9
Contact Information and Business Cards
Includes miscellaneous lists of names.

3. Orangeburg Massacre Papers, 1968-1996.

Box 3   Folder 1
Sellers' Conviction: Court Order and Appeal, circa 1970-1973
Includes photocopies of court order in Orangeburg County Court of Common Pleas and Appeal from Orangeburg County to the South Carolina Supreme Court.
Box 3   Folder 2
Cleveland Sellers versus Sheriff of Orangeburg, circa 1973
Later photocopy of civil action number 73-84 of in US District Court, district of South Carolina, Columbia Division.
Box 3   Folder 3
State versus Sellers: Volume 1, circa 1970
Transcript of Record of Appeal in South Carolina Supreme Court. With index to entire proceedings.
Box 3   Folder 4
State versus Sellers: Volume 2
Transcript of Record of Appeal in South Carolina Supreme Court.
Box 3   Folder 5
State versus Sellers: Volume 3
Transcript of Record of Appeal in South Carolina Supreme Court.
Box 3   Folder 6
State versus Sellers: Volume 4
Transcript of Record of Appeal in South Carolina Supreme Court.
Box 4   Folder 1
Orangeburg Massacre Responses, 1968
Includes poem, fact sheet, resolution from Atlanta University, telegrams and others.
Box 4   Folder 2
Orangeburg Event Clippings, 1960s
Box 4   Folder 3
Orangeburg Massacre News Article Clippings, 1970s
Regarding all aspects including trials, imprisonment of Sellers, and news stories.
Box 4   Folder 4
Orangeburg Massacre News Article Clippings, 1980s
Box 4   Folder 5
Orangeburg Massacre News Articles Clippings, 1990s
Regarding the pardon granted Cleveland Sellers and other related topics.
Box 4   Folder 6
Radio script "The Orangeburg Massacre"
By Frank Beacham, with related materials.
Box 4   Folder 7
"The Orangeburg Massacre" News Clippings, 1991
Regarding the radio show broadcast on public radio.
Box 4   Folder 8
The Orangeburg Massacre Screenplay "Southern Sparks," 1996
By Catherine Crouch, set in Walterboro, Bluffton, and Orangeburg, South Carolina, relating to the events.

4. Affiliations, 1960-2003.

1. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)

Box 5   Folder 1
SNCC founding, administration, and shifting strategies
Includes handwritten, typed and mimeo materials including mimeograph journal "Rock Bottom."
Box 5   Folder 2
Correspondence, 1962-1969, 1976-1977 and 1983
Early topics include public relations, actions to pursue, letter to Julian Bond, letter to Stokely Carmichael, letters regarding SNCC's building and records; and letter regarding SNCC reunion.
Box 5   Folder 3
SNCC Blank Membership Applications and Stationary
Box 5   Folder 4
SNCC Radio Station Contact Lists
Includes telephone number and mailing address, many done geographically, with some miscellaneous lists.
Box 5   Folder 5
News Releases, 1960-1968
Regarding work done by SNCC; with assessments of specific racist areas, incidents, and events. With some memos and reports; statements of Marion Berry, H. Rap Brown, Stokely Carmichael and Sellers.
Box 5   Folder 6
SNCC Headquarters Police Raid, 1966
Affidavit, search warrant, statement, broadsides and report regarding raid in Philadelphia, seizing dynamite.
Box 5   Folder 7
SNCC's Work: Voter Education, Voter Registration, and Land Ownership for Blacks, 1960-1966
Includes publications on work completed in Lowndes County, Alabama and Terrell County, Georgia; Also includes publication regarding racial unrest in Danville, Virginia and SNCC's work there.
Box 5   Folder 8
SNCC Lawsuit, 1979
Photocopy of complaint and report regarding SNCC's suit against US government for misconduct against SNCC and its officers.
Box 5   Folder 9
On SNCC's projected program to train staff to produce motion pictures to document and promote its activities.
Box 5   Folder 10
SNCC's Work, circa 1960-1964
Offprint, contemporary photocopies and promotional material and mock ups noting SNCC's work and seeking financial support for it.
Box 5   Folder 11
"Life with Lyndon in the Great Society," 1965
Broken run of mimeo reports by Jack Minnis criticizing governmental policy under President Lyndon B. Johnson.
Box 5   Folder 12
SNCC Publications, 1967
Includes calendar, Our Folktales by Julius Lester; and Negroes in American History: a Freedom Primer.
Box 5   Folder 13
SNCC recommended readings, 1966-1967
Include Key List Mailings of San Francisco office of SNCC; and mimeo abstracts of information on various topics.
Box 5   Folder 14
Miscellaneous SNCC Related Literature, 1966
Includes Resolution on SNCC passed by Students for a Democratic Society; and Northern Students Movement Commentary.
Box 6   Folder 1-2
Articles, Newspaper Stories and News Releases, 1960s
Documenting, praising, and condemning SNCC and its activities and members. Photocopies and Originals. Some of the materials in the above folders in fragile condition.
Box 6   Folder 3
SNCC and Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Ture), 1960s and 1998
Includes a few notes of and to Carmichael; and correspondence regarding testimonial dinner.
Box 6   Folder 4
Stokely Carmichael: Clippings and Articles, 1960s
Box 6   Folder 5
H. Rap Brown and SNCC: Broadsides, Statements, Clippings and Photocopies, 1960s
Box 6   Folder 6
SNCC Affiliates: Articles, 1960s-1990s
Regarding various people including Eldridge Cleaver, James Foreman, Ella Baker, Ralph Feather-stone, William "Che" Payne, Nathan Hare, Ivanhoe Donaldson, and John Wilson.
Box 6   Folder 7
SNCC Reunion, 1988 and 2003
In Hartford, Connecticut, includes letters and articles; with program of Holly Springs, Mississippi Civil Rights Celebration, commemorating SNCC activities there.
Box 6   Folder 8
FBI Censored Files and Memorandums, 1960s
On SNCC and some of its leaders and members. Photocopies.
Box 6   Folder 9
Mississippi State Sovereignty Committee, 1960s and 1997
Reports and memos regarding SNCC, its staff and members.
Box 6   Folder 10
"Black Power," Clippings and News Stories,1960s
Relating to issues of (and slogan) with much on SNCC and its leaders, such as Stokely Carmichael.

2. All African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP)

Box 7   Folder 1
Party Ideals
Includes lists of objectives, principals, various statements and reports, with data regarding Nkurmaism, political theory of Kwame Nkrumah.
Box 7   Folder 2
Structure and Organization, circa 1973-1974
Includes reports, memos, lists, and organizational flow chart.
Box 7   Folder 3
Political Education Program
Statements describing levels of membership and categories.
Box 7   Folder 4
National Communication Center of AAPRP: Memos and Reports
Box 7   Folder 5
Lists of books, required readings, proposed seminars, political education guidelines, and related AAPRP materials.
Box 7   Folder 6
Meeting Agendas
Also contains model agendas for AAPRP State and Regional meetings.
Box 7   Folder 7
Various Committees and Levels: Minutes, 1973-1975
Box 7   Folder 8
Memos, 1974-1976 and undated
On various topics from various committees and levels of AAPRP with information on ideology, structure, administration, and members.
Box 7   Folder 9
Memos, 1977-1979
On various topics from various committees and levels of AAPRP with data on state committees, lecture tour of Stokely Carmichael and related topics.
Box 7   Folder 10
Memos, 1980
On various topics from various committees and levels of AAPRP with minutes of some meetings; ideological discussions, regional and state chapters.
Box 8   Folder 1
Photocopies of Memos, 1976-1977
Mostly regarding regional and state programs AAPRP.
Box 8   Folder 2
Work Study Group Newsletter and Education Committee Report, 1975-1976
From Augusta, Georgia and New York.
Box 8   Folder 3
Committee Reports, 1972
For Stokely Carmichael visit to Howard University.
Box 8   Folder 4
Role of Women Reports and Statements
Regarding AAPRP's view; with literature about the role of women in other societies, cultural and movements.
Box 8   Folder 5
AAPRP Reports on Various Countries, 1974
With a first person description of a visit to Iraq by Paul D. Monroe.
Box 8   Folder 6
Correspondence, 1972-1977, 1989, undated
On various topics regarding administration of AAPRP, including copies of letters to and from Stokely Carmichael, with copy of a letter of Cleveland Sellers from jail. Mostly mimeographs and photocopies.
Box 8   Folder 7
Speakers Bureau Activity, 1976-1980
Summary, listing schools by state, when or if visited, percentage and number of African Americans in student body.
Box 8   Folder 8
Correspondence and Memos
Regarding joining and membership suspension.
Box 8   Folder 9
Various AAPRP Contact, Member, and Registration Lists
Box 8   Folder 10
AAPRP Publications, 1974-1986
Including pamphlet Education to Govern, and materials regarding African Liberation Day.
Box 8   Folder 11
AAPRP Clippings

3. African Peoples Related Organizations and Topics

Box 8   Folder 12
Sixth Pan African Conference: Volume 1, 1974
Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania: Major documents, General info; opening speeches; papers from the political committee, economic development committee, and Science and Technology Committee.
Box 9   Folder 1
Sixth Pan African Congress: Volume 2, 1974
Dar Es Saalam, Tanzania: Major documents, speeches by delegation, U.S. Delegation members, African Freedom Fighters; Role of women; Special Communiques, Resolutions and Summaries.
Box 9   Folder 2
Sixth Pan African Congress: Miscellaneous Printed Material, 1974
Box 9   Folder 3
African Countries: Articles and Reports, 1976
Also includes those countries with African possessions and their colonial policies; with two issues of (water damaged) "African Unity," official organ of National Liberation Party, Gambia.
Box 9   Folder 4
Angola: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 5
Ghana and Sekou Toure: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 6
"Oppression in Morocco" by Organization of Arab Students, Eugene Oregon, 1971
Box 9   Folder 7
Mozambique: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 8
South Africa: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 9
Sudan: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 10
Tanzania: Articles and Reports
Box 9   Folder 11
Zimbabwe News, 1973

4. African American and Civil Rights Organizations

Box 10   Folder 1
Act for Freedom, Chicago, Illinois: Newsletter, circa 1965
Box 10   Folder 2
Afram Associates, Action Library, 1971-1973
Includes Bibliographies, "Thought Stimulators" and other material regarding racism, black studies and related topics.
Box 10   Folder 3
African-American Marxist Leninist Party
Statement, with analysis of SNCC; and other related materials regarding Marxism, Socialism, and Communism.
Box 10   Folder 4
African Liberation Day Coordinating Committee, 1972-1979
Stationary, agendas, news releases and bumper sticker regarding 1972 observance; and miscellaneous materials on 1979 observance.
Box 10   Folder 5
African Liberation Day Support Committee, 1972
Articles, criticism, and meeting minutes, at Malcolm X Liberation University regarding the 1972 observance.
Box 10   Folder 6
Black Panthers
Clippings and articles regarding the Panthers and some of their members, including Huey Newton and Eldridge Cleaver.
Box 10   Folder 7
Black People's Union Party: Position Statement Broadside, 1972
Box 10   Folder 8
Blacks United for Action, 1972
Letters from "Brother Redfern" to Columbia, South Carolina radio stations regarding their unwillingness to air opinions of/or stories about the group.
Box 10   Folder 9
Congress of African People, circa 1970
Political Liberation Council Organizing Manual, reports and correspondence regarding activities in the USA.
Box 10   Folder 10
Eritreans for Liberation in North America, 1976
Statement regarding Africa Liberation Day.
Box 10   Folder 11
Institute of the Black World, 1969, 1973-1974
Statement of staff regarding approach to Black Studies statement of purpose and program; and other materials. Affiliated with Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Center.
Box 10   Folder 12
Interreligious Foundation for Community Organization: Brochures and Letter, 1970s
Box 10   Folder 13
March on Washington
Letter regarding 1988 program.
Box 10   Folder 14
New Alliance Party, 1987 and 1993
Articles regarding "Black-led, multiracial, independent, progressive third party."
Box 10   Folder 15
National Black Political Assembly, 1972 and 1976
Agenda; position statement to National Black Political Convention; and photocopy of letter.
Box 10   Folder 16
National Black United Front, 1981
Report regarding history, composition, ideals, with position paper of Pan-African Committee; and two issues of Front Line News, newsletter from Greensboro, North Carolina.
Box 10   Folder 17
Organization of African Unity (OAU), 1973
Calls for action; blank petition, article, and speech regarding OAU's tenth anniversary.
Box 10   Folder 18
Palm Institute
Draft Articles of incorporation regarding Washington D.C. community and youth development foundation.
Box 10   Folder 19
Pan African Congress, USA, 1976
Letter regarding protested deportation of an African national and (water-damaged) program 1st annual scholarship fund raising dinner.
Box 10   Folder 20
Patrice Lumumba Coalition: Newsletter, Harlem, New York, 1976
Box 10   Folder 21
Progressive Labor Party (PLP)
Tabloid and photocopy, "The Plot Against America," by Harlem Branch of PLP.
Box 10   Folder 22
Southern Christian Leadership Conference, 1962
Director's Semi-Annual Report.
Box 10   Folder 23
Washington Task Force on African Affairs, 1973
Two reports: "U.S. Constituency for Africa" and "Congress and Africa."
Box 10   Folder 24
Miscellaneous Lists
Includes lists of black caucus members, United States House and Senate; and mailing list of names to unknown function or group.

5. Schools and Student Related Organizations

Box 11   Folder 1
Student Organization for Black Unity (SOBU), 1969
Paper on its background, ideology, and projected goals listing Sellers on board at Harvard University.
Box 11   Folder 2
SOBU Early Education Center, Training Institute, and Other Projects Proposals, 1969-1970
Box 11   Folder 3
SOBU News Releases, Statements, Publications, and Brochures
Box 11   Folder 4
SOBU Correspondence, Conference Agendas, Lists and Miscellaneous, circa 1969-1971
Box 11   Folder 5
Southern Student Organizing Committee, 1966 and undated
Report on activities and publication "Towards A Black University."
Box 11   Folder 6
National Black Leadership Training Program, 1970
Letter and curriculum regarding 1971 education program to be held for young leaders in Greensboro, North Carolina; with fact sheet, of Black Students United for Liberation, also in Greensboro.
Box 11   Folder 7
Pan African Students Organization in the Americas
Manifesto, constitution, paper by Sellers presented at 1975 conference, miscellaneous regarding Greensboro, North Carolina chapter.
Box 11   Folder 8
Black Political Science Students
Miscellaneous education materials related to political science with other random educational extracts, assignments and materials.
Box 11   Folder 9
Various Community Schools: Plans and Statements
Includes "Ajanaku Shule" in Durham, North Carolina
Box 11   Folder 10
Various Colleges and Universities Black Studies Programs: Articles, Reports, and Miscellaneous, 1970s and 1990
Box 11   Folder 11
Allen University, 1967
Photocopies of 2 letters regarding educational crisis at school
Box 11   Folder 12
Cornell University
Newsletters, articles, and protests regarding 1969 armed student rebellion.
Box 11   Folder 13
Cornell University
Watu: Journal of Poetry and Art, Africana Studies, Black Liberation Front.
Box 11   Folder 14
Duke University, 1969-1971
Articles regarding black and student unrest at Duke University; with copy of Pan African/USA Track Meet Program at Duke.
Box 12   Folder 1
Harvard University, 1969-1970
Reports and articles regarding African American Studies; with correspondence with Organization for Black Unity; miscellaneous other materials
Box 12   Folder 2
Howard University
List of reading material available in Afro-American Studies there.
Box 12   Folder 3
Malcolm X Liberation University: Proposal, Fact Sheets, Progress Reports, 1969
Box 12   Folder 4
Malcolm X Liberation University: Organization and Administration, 1969
Box 12   Folder 5
Malcolm X Liberation University: Correspondence and Minutes, 1969-1970
Box 12   Folder 6
Malcolm X Liberation University: Curriculum and Student Forms, 1970-1971
Box 12   Folder 7
Malcolm X Liberation University: Employee Manual
Box 12   Folder 8
Malcolm X Liberation University: Publications, Bulletin and Brochures
Box 12   Folder 9
Malcolm X Liberation University: Photocopies, Clippings, News Stories
Box 12   Folder 10
Malcolm X Liberation University: Materials regarding Howard Fuller (Owusu Sadaukai)
Box 12   Folder 11
North Carolina Central University: Newsletter, Black Bull, 1969
Box 12   Folder 12
Pan African Work Center
Education for Black People by Black People. Pamphlet.
Box 12   Folder 13
South Carolina State College
Photocopies of clippings regarding protest there; resume of Vice President for Student Affairs, Oscar P. Butler.
Box 12   Folder 14
Temple University: Pomoja Newsletter, 1974
Box 12   Folder 15
Univeristy of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Legal brief and other materials regarding Sonja Haynes Stone's discrimination law suit against the University.
Box 12   Folder 16
Voorhees College, 1969-1988
Variety of materials including data regarding student unrest.

6. North Carolina Institutions, Projects and Programs

Box 13   Folder 1
North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State Univerity: Clippings, Letters, and Programs
Regarding various activities and events; with programs regarding Ronald C. McNair center.
Box 13   Folder 2
Student Sit-Ins, 1960
Programs, articles, budgets, and committee minutes regarding observance of 20th, 25th, and 30th anniversary in Greensboro, North Carolina.
Box 13   Folder 3
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Nazi Party Killings of Three Communist Workers Party Members, 1979
Incomplete copy of report of Greensboro, North Carolina Police chief regarding; with transcript of interview with Eddie Dawson, KKK member and FBI informer; with copies of a draft of an extended report about the incident.
Box 13   Folder 4
KKK and Nazi Party Killings of Three Communist Workers Party Members, 1979
In Greensboro; photocopies of newspaper.
Box 13   Folder 5
KKK Killings of Communist Workers Party Members: Februaury 2nd Mobilization Committee Response, 1979-1980
Includes correspondence, reports and lists.
Box 13   Folder 6
Rally Against KKK Killing of Three Communist Workers Party Member, 1980
Includes articles, photocopies, and brochure.
Box 13   Folder 7
Coalition for Unity and Justice, 1987
Correspondence, clippings, agendas, and broadsides to counter KKK rally in Greensboro, North Carolina
Box 13   Folder 8
Miscellaneous Anti KKK Articles and Brochures

5. General Information Files, 1940s-1992.

Box 14   Folder 1
Guinean President and Political Activist and Theorist: Ahmed Sekou Toure
Inlcudes articles, programs, and photocopies of essays.
Box 14   Folder 2
Deposed President of Ghana and Political Theorist: Kwame Nkrumah, 1940s
Included articles, programs, and photocopies of essays by and about Nkrumah; with photocopies of his admission documents to the University of Pennsylvania.
Box 14   Folder 3
Includes articles about its leaders and policies; with some articles linking Zionism and imperialism.
Box 14   Folder 4
Institute of Ethnic Affairs, 1946
Includes two newsletters regarding Micronesia; with articles and essays regarding Jamaica and the Caribbean.
Box 14   Folder 5
Miscellaneous Articles: Civil Rights; Change in Black Community and Racial Disturbances.
Box 14   Folder 6
Miscellaneous Articles: Race, Racism, Inequality, and Black Nationalism
Box 14   Folder 7
"The Economic Potential of Black Capitalism," 1969
By Andrew Brimmer, Federal Reserve, and Henry S. Terrell, Economist, Federal Reserve.
Box 14   Folder 8
Black Culture, Contemporary Conditions, and Problems: Programs, Advertisements, and Articles
Box 15   Folder 1
Black News of Brooklyn, New York, (6 issues), 1973-1976
Box 15   Folder 2
Ray O. Light Newsletter (5 issues), 1979-1983
Regarding mostly labor issues.
Box 15   Folder 3
Miscellaneous Newsletters: Race and Racism
Includes a white supremacist one.
Box 15   Folder 4
Miscellaneous Poems
Includes booklet by William P. Kreml.
Box 15   Folder 5
Angela Davis: Brochure and Legal Brief
Box 15   Folder 6
Leroi Jones (Imamu Ameer Baraka): Biographical Report and Bibliography
Box 15   Folder 7
Jesse Jackson, 1980s
Includes clippings, photocopies, photograph and images. With material regarding Jackson's 1984 run for President, with data regarding visiting North Carolina.
Box 15   Folder 8
Malcolm X, 1967
Includes photocopy of article in The Realist.
Box 15   Folder 9
Curtis Hayes Williams, 1988
Includes correspondence and reports regarding the Civil Rights worker imprisonment in Liberia and eventual release.
Box 15   Folder 10
South Carolina Personalities: Biographical Clippings and articles, 1992
Includes funeral brochurefor Mrs. Mary Modjeska Monteith Simkins.
Box 15   Folder 11
Notable People: Biographical Clippings and Programs
Includes Myles Horton, Andrew Young, Julius Hobson and others.

6. Audio Visual Materials, undated.

Box 15   Folder 12
Cleveland Sellers Photographs
Includes black and white and color photos of Sellers as a child, student, activist, prisoner and professor. Also includes Stokely Carmichael, friends, family, and associates.
Box 15   Folder 13
Miscellaneous Photos, Group Shots, and Images Used in Various Publications

7. Dissertation and Research Materials, 1971-1987.

Box 16   Folder 1
Copies of Academic Papers by Sellers
On a variety of topics, many regarding education.
Box 16   Folder 2
Miscellaneous Printed Materials, 1971
On black families, schools, voter education, and children with report "Black Families in the US: Demographic Trends & Consequences."
Box 16   Folder 3
Sellers' Dissertation
Draft with pencil corrections and additions.
Box 16   Folder 4
Marked Copy of Sellers' Dissertation: "An Analysis of the Civil Rights Movement and Its Structures,"1987
Box 16   Folder 5
Sellers' Dissertation.
Nearly Complete, marked copy.
Box 16   Folder 6
Sellers' Dissertation
A copy, lacking 3 pages.
Box 16   Folder 7
Sellers' Dissertation
Complete and finished copy, examining Civil Rights movement from Brown versus Board of Education 1954 decision to 1968 assassination of Martin L. King. With personal history, historic events of the movement, profiles of participants, including National Assiciation of the Advancement of Colored People, Southern Christian Leadership Conference, SNCC, Student for a Democratic Society, Congress of Racial Equality, and others.

8. Artifacts, 1958-1995.

Box 17   Folder 1
White ceramic mug awarded to Sellers for "Horseshoe Doubles, Camp Baskervill, Runner Up, '58"
Box 17   Folder 2
Pressed corsage from unknown event
Box 17   Folder 3
Pass for C. Sellers, Jesse Jackson for President, San Francisco National Democratic Convention, 1984
Box 17   Folder 4
Six political buttons from the Jesse Jackson for President campaign, 1984
Box 17   Folder 5
Three political buttons from the Jesse Jackson for President campaign, 1988
Box 17   Folder 6
Two buttons from the Million Man March to Washington, D.C., 1995
Box 17   Folder 7
One African Liberation Day button; one Highway into the Past/History Organizing Power (HIPHOP) button; four metal clasps/buttons from unknown event.
Box 18   Folder 1
Two Jesse Jackson children's tee shirts; one child's Jesse Jackson hat. Stained, 1988

9. Oversize Materials, 1960s-1988.

Box 18   Folder 2
Oversize photos, 1970 and 1993
Includes Sellers with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and others on a civil rights march; Kwame Nkrumah; with Orangeburg newspapers regarding trial and pardon of Sellers.
Box 18   Folder 3
The Black Panther Newspaper, 1971
Cover story regarding Angela Davis.
Box 18   Folder 4
SNCC: The Student Voice and Newsletters, 1960-1961 and 1967
Box 18   Folder 5-6
Student Organization for Black Unity
Includes issues of the Student Organization for Black Unity's newspaper as well as issues of The African World Newsletter.
Box 18   Folder 7
Malcolm X Liberation University, 1969-1971
Includes an issue of the Milwaukee Courier regarding the opening of Malcolm X Liberation University and four issues of its publication, The African Warrior, 1969--1971.
Box 19   Folder 1
North Carolina Agricultual & Techinical State University, 1971-1988
Includes 22 issues of The A&T Register and four issues of A&T Today, the alumni publication of North Carolina Agricultual & Techinical State University.
Box 19   Folder 2
University Publications, 1962-1971
Includes publications from various colleges and universities, such as Federal City College, Kansas University, North Carolina Central University, and Howard University.
Box 19   Folder 3
Black On, 1973
Includes four issues of Columbia, South Carolina's black newspaper Black On.
Box 19   Folder 4
The People's Crusader, 1972-1973
Includes 15 issues of The People's Crusader and one Broadside of Atlanta, Georgia black newspaper. Extremely brittle.
Box 19   Folder 5
Miscellaneous Papers, 1970-1983
Includes 1973 issue of Black X Press; 1983 issue of Night Line Report, Greensboro, North Carolina; 1970 issue of Pan African Roots; 1971 issue of New African; one issue of African Liberation Support Committee regarding 1973 African Liberation Day; and 1977 and 1980 copies of The Burning Spear.
Box 19   Folder 6
Miscellaneous Papers, 1967-1988
Includes two 1974 issues of Muhammed Speaks; four issues of The Guardian, 1974-1977; 1988 issue of Que View; and 1967 issue of The Realist.
Box 19   Folder 7
Printed Items and Broadsides, 1976 and undated
Includes two items regarding Malcolm X; University of California, Berkeley poster regarding speeches of Cleveland Sellers and Stokely Carmichael; poster regarding police brutality trial; anti-FBI and anti-CIA posters; and posters regarding various arrested protesters including Ruchel Magee, Lee Herron and William G. Allen.

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