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Part 1: Lowcountry Resistance by Mateo Mérida

The 2023 Black History annual theme is Black Resistance and in honor of this for February 2023 we will be posting a weekly post on this topic with a SC Lowcountry focus. Content Warning: This blog post contains discussion of torture and violence that may not be suitable for some readers. A common failure of …

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Part 3: Old Slave Mart and Charleston’s Historic Memory by Mateo Mérida

The end of the Wragg years saw a lot of mystery surrounding the future of the Old Slave Mart Museum. As the Wragg sisters struggled to create enough revenue to keep the museum open, the odds of the museum permanently closing its doors were exceedingly high. Fortunately, the City of Charleston, particularly then mayor Joe …

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Part 2: Old Slave Mart and Charleston’s Historic Memory by Mateo Mérida

After the Civil War, Charleston would seek to rebuild from the damages of the Civil War, and find ways to adapt to an economy that was not predicated on the labor of enslaved people. The federal government would consider—and sometimes implement—policies that sought to uplift the people who were once enslaved as full citizens of …

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Part 1: Old Slave Mart and Charleston’s Historic Memory by Mateo Mérida

For the many travelers from around the world who visit Charleston, part of their journey is driven by a want to develop a better individual understanding of the history of slavery. With maybe as many as 40% of all enslaved people imported into the United States coming through Charleston, slavery is inherent to the historical …

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