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The Story of an African American Settlement Community: Maryville, SC by Mateo Mérida

John Wright is a Black man born and raised in Mount Pleasant, SC, who served in the navy, and returned home shocked to find how much his hometown had grown, and changed. Some of these changes were somewhat superficial, such as new stores, new restaurants, and getting to the rural parts of town didn’t used …

Remembering the Orangeburg Massacre by Kangkang Kovacs

On the night of February 8, 1968, a bon fire was lit by the entrance of South Carolina State’s campus in Orangeburg, South Carolina. Some two hundred students gathered by the fire. They were protesting against segregation, police brutality, as well as a failure of budget approval for the SC State, a Historically Black Colleges …

The Fraught Relationship between African Americans and Military Service by Mateo Mérida

Historically, patriotism has been intimately tied with acts of military service. Images of Uncle Sam, the raising of the flag on Iwo Jima, or even Captain America are seen not only as symbols of American military excellence, but as defining American patriotism itself. By consequence, the connection between the military and patriotism has been an …

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